Jonathan Becker

Student Intern

Hello everyone!  My name is Jonathan Becker, and I have the honor and privilege to serve as the Student Ministry Intern here at South Spring.


I could not imagine life if I did not get to spend it ministering to youth.  God has laid it on my heart to transfer my passion for disciple-making into students so that they can then make disciples for Christ and continue to fulfill the Great Commission.  After all, it’s called the Great Commission, not the Great Suggestion.  As one of my old pastors used to say, “you know that a disciple has been made when they go out and make a disciple.”  I have never forgotten that and it has spurred me to continually keep my own relationship with Christ in check while encouraging students to make an impact for the Kingdom in their schools, friend circles, and their own families.


John Sturrock has been mentoring me in this role and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to use the students here at South Spring to further His Kingdom.

When I’m not with John and the students at SSBC, I’m typically in the seminary books trying to complete my Religion Degree at Liberty University.  I look forward to starting my Master of Divinity in the Fall!


Favorite Book (other than the Bible): “Walking with God” by John Eldredge

Favorite Sports Team: New York Mets and Villanova University Men’s Basketball

Life Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:11

Favorite thing to do: Talk theology. (I’m a nerd at heart)

Favorite Food: Unfortunately, anything gluten-free.  Since I can’t eat gluten, I’ll basically eat anything somewhat edible.