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What is the Faithful Next Step?

The Faithful Next Step will address pinch points in our current church spaces/facilities in order to allow us to grow as we pursue our mission to Live, Teach and Tell the Gospel so that all may encounter the Living God.

Preparing for Growth in Our…

Student Ministry

Adult & Staff Areas


Student Ministry

The student ministry needs additional space as they grow. Check out some conceptual artwork and read more about student ministry expansion below.

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One trend we’ve noticed about the student ministry attendance numbers over the years is the peak and subsequent drop-off. The current space is not as hospitable as we’d like to support the number of students that seem interested in being part of this thriving community. 

One of the main things holding us back is the layout of the large meeting space. Every week the student ministry team sets up nearly 100-140 chairs shoulder to shoulder. Seats line the small stage in the corner and push back in a narrow and diagonal space toward the kitchen bar with a small center aisle. The remaining two thirds of the large meeting room fills quickly with crowds of students and leaders playing games, hanging out, greeting visitors, and having intentional conversations in the time before formal programming begins. After large-group time, one of the Life Groups meets in this meeting space while other students flood the current classrooms.

The proposed solution is a new building located just beyond the last row of parking (South-East of campus). This new building will include a great room space for corporate gatherings, ample classroom space, and outdoor playing space.

Adult Ministry & Staff Offices

Adult ministries and staff offices have no space of their own.

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The proposed solution to our staff office and adult classroom issue is expanding the existing student ministry building to accommodate an Insula-style office space, coffee shop space, and adult classrooms. The Grade School Building (GSB) has been acting as a stop-gap for both purposes since 2019 until we absolutely needed to build again.

We currently utilize several classrooms in our GSB for adult education and Life Group space on Sunday mornings and evenings. We have that space for now, but children’s attendance is pushing the limits of their designated classrooms and have no space for future growth.

The majority of our staff occupies 1/3 of the GSB big-group room — separated by a partition — and its adjacent closet. This both limits the ability of the big-group room to accommodate large gatherings, meetings, and trainings throughout the week, and hinders the most productive, collaborative, and friendship-affirming environment.

The GSB was originally drawn up as a three-story building outfitted with staff offices and adult classrooms. The leadership at the time decided against adding a third floor, simply put, for aesthetics and practicality, which worked in our favor. We have noticed over the past 4 years that having adults and children sharing space is not ideal for either. Adult education and relationship-building is stifled by the kid noises we love (one adult classroom shares its wall with the indoor playground) and kids are outgrowing their confines within the very space that was built just for them to grow, learn, and build community. Plus, when children share their space with anyone, security challenges and our measures to meet those are heightened.

The leadership team ended the City on a Hill campaign with the understanding that staff offices and adult education would be an issue to handle at a later date. Now, we are picking up where our last building project left off in fulfilling the master plan with what we believe is the Faithful Next Step.


The lobby needs to be remodeled to accommodate how we use it.

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If you’ve made your way through the lobby into or out of the Great Room, this project should be no shock to you. And while we do not have building designs or drawings completed yet, we’ll flesh out our main goals.

The proposed solution, with visuals coming soon, will eliminate the existing office. With this remodel, there will be a large meeting room space for our most-senior members to meet, as well as a family/cry room, and a small business space for usher and deacons to conduct weekly church business tasks like counting offering. 

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