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Leadership Board

What is a Leadership Board?

In the past (and apparently still today) sailing merchant vessels were often owned by consortiums of stock owners or, in the case of many exploration vessels, owned by a government. This team of owners would combine their resources to purchase the ship and then would select a team of owner representatives to protect their interests.  This is/was very similar to how stock (consider the root of this word) ownership works.  Dozens or hundreds of owners are represented by just a few. The job of those few is to make sure that the purpose of the ship – profit, exploration, protection, etc. – is maintained and fulfilled. The representatives would hire the Captain (and he would select the crew) and would guide the Captain to the more specifics of the mission and purpose of the ship. This is a useful metaphor for the SSBC Leadership Board. The Leadership Board are the representatives of the owner/shepherds/ministers of South Spring Baptist Church.  Legally, we are a board of a non-profit entity.  Spiritually, we are the under-shepherds and stewards of this dysfunctional family seeking to represent our King in this world.

SSBC Leadership Board