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Leadership Board

What is a Leadership Board?

In the past (and apparently still today) sailing merchant vessels were often owned by consortiums of stock owners or, in the case of many exploration vessels, owned by a government. This team of owners would combine their resources to purchase the ship and then would select a team of owner representatives to protect their interests.  This is/was very similar to how stock (consider the root of this word) ownership works.  Dozens or hundreds of owners are represented by just a few. The job of those few is to make sure that the purpose of the ship – profit, exploration, protection, etc. – is maintained and fulfilled. The representatives would hire the Captain (and he would select the crew) and would guide the Captain to the more specifics of the mission and purpose of the ship. This is a useful metaphor for the SSBC Leadership Board. The Leadership Board are the representatives of the owner/shepherds/ministers of South Spring Baptist Church.  Legally, we are a board of a non-profit entity.  Spiritually, we are the under-shepherds and stewards of this dysfunctional family seeking to represent our King in this world.

SSBC Leadership Board

Jessica Anthony

My husband Neal and I have been married for 12 years and we have two beautiful daughters, Esther and Hallie. We have been attending South Spring since the fall of 2020, and I am so thankful to get to walk alongside and be encouraged by other believers who admit their daily need for Jesus. I have gotten to serve in children’s ministry through work in the nursery and on the Serve Week committee, as well as co-leading the Young Professionals Bible study with Neal. I am passionate about God’s Word, linking arms with other believers, and teaching my girls about Jesus.

Jared Schuler

My name is Jared Schuler and I grew up in a great home with parents who faithfully followed Jesus and modeled a life of service and ministry. I came to faith at an early age and have been serving in some sort of ministry capacity for the last 20 years. I’ve been married to my best friend, Heather, for 17 years and we are so proud to be the parents of Avery, Hannah, Lily, Hudson and Boomer (our golden retriever). I have been on staff at Pine Cove for 11 years and currently serve as the Director of the Forge, Pine Cove’s leadership program. I’ve been a member of South Spring for 6 years and serve weekly in the children’s ministry and occasionally my wife and I get to help lead worship on Sunday mornings. It really is an honor to be considered for the Leadership Board!

Alan Pigg

My name is Alan Pigg and I have been a member of South Spring
Baptist Church since 2017. My wife Melanie and I will celebrate
our 30th wedding anniversary in 2023. I love being Daddy to our
two children: Madeline and Austin age.

I have enjoyed serving in several different capacities during my 6 years here, including counting the Wednesday night meal money, teaching in the children’s ministry, helping each year with Scotfest and Royal Family Kids Camp, and most recently as the 2023-24 Deacon Chairperson. I was originally ordained as a
Deacon in 2009 at a prior church.
I have a private law practice in Tyler where I represent individuals in their workers’ compensation and social security disability
claims. I also enjoy volunteering in several different ways at my kids’ school. I really like our church belief that every member is a minister and truly enjoy being a part of this dysfunctional family. I am humbled
and blessed to be able to serve on the Leadership Board.

Mike Willis

I am a founding member of South Spring Baptist. Originally joined First Baptist South the summer of 2015. Moved to East Texas from Opelika, AL in 2014. I currently serve as a deacon. I serve in the pre-K ministry every Sunday morning and Sunday evening, I am a part of Preteen ministry on Wednesday evenings. I am a Stephen Minister at South Spring. I live to serve just as Jesus explained to his disciples in Matthew 20:25-28. I am grateful!

Jason Wallace

I’m Jason Wallace and have been a member of South Spring for about six years.

My wife, Hallie, and I have two daughters, Sadie and Charlotte. 

We have been fortunate to be able to serve in children’s ministry most of the time we’ve been members at South Spring.  I’ve also served for two years as a deacon and you’ll often see me in the back on Sunday mornings helping with seating. 

We believe that every member is a minister and are thankful for the privilege of calling South Spring home.

Bobby Hicks

Bobby became a follower of Christ at the age of 9, rededicated his life at the age of 33 and began serving as a follower in a more intentional way. 

He currently serves on the Finance, Long Range Planning and Greeting teams and serves in our Children’s ministry.

Bobby is excited to see every ministry at SSBC growing and thriving!

Jordan Sherrod

Hi! I’m Jordan Sherrod. I’ve been redeemed by the Lord and am eagerly looking forward to the Kingdom Jesus is bringing! In the meantime, I get to spend time loving my amazing wife, Bekah, and two sweet kids, Brooklyn, and Drew. I work in marketing as a Digital Production Manager and get to lead a team of talented creators. I love inspiring others through the mediums of video, writing, and teaching.