Don’t Forget To Pick Up Your Items!

  1. Noreen Nartia Photography Session: M Clifton
  2. Kasey Boatright Family Session: L Miller
  3. Cream & Brown Dish Set: R Rains
  4. Modern Art Canvas: N Norman
  5. Guitar Necklace(John Redfearn): H Brown
  6. Russian Santa: Drewett
  7. Custom Teeth Whitening: M Clifton
  8. Guitar Necklace(Hiram): H Brown
  9. Fall Gift Set: K Bateman
  10. Mommy’s Time Out Chair: L Tjoelker
  11. Bright Coaster Set: Jill K
  12. Black & White Coaster Set: S Marshall
  13. Soak the Student Ministers: Shawn Dotson
  14. Roll Redfearn: M Starnes
  15. Pie the Pastors: Ken Hodge
  16. Captain America Back Pack: G Davis
  17. Marvel Wall Hanging: D Apperley
  18. Monsters Inc Box: Drewett
  19. Lego/Pokemon Basket: J Roach
  20. Coloring Gift Basket: D Apperley
  21. Black Panther Set: S Shilling
  22. CARS Truck: Lori R
  23. Stocking Hangers(set of 6): Beth Martinez
  24. Stocking Hangers(set of 4): R Rains 
  25. 2 Outback Gift Cards: L Tjoelker
  26. Handmade Guatemalan Bags: C Wise
  27. Handmade African Bags( G Brown
  28. Hand Lettering Book: D Apperley
  29. Haitian Wall Art & Earrings: M Clifton
  30. Handmade Guatemalan Bags: Thedford
  31. Sweet Gourmet Texas Basket: Jill K
  32. Kitchen Set w/Gift Cards: Bianca C
  33. Candle/Frame Set: Strickland
  34. Santa Christmas Wreath: E Smith
  35. Christmas Poinsettia Wreath: Grace R
  36. Fall Wreath: B Strimboulis
  37. Cross Wreath: T Thedford
  38. T is for Texas Book: McKenzie
  39. Grand Slam Games & Gift Card: R Rains
  40. Sweet Gourmet Yellow Basket: Legg
  41. Sweet Gourmet Christmas Basket: C Bristow
  42. Waterfall Photo: M Pace
  43. Flag flown over Capital Building: T Pace
  44. Flag flown over Jordan: Paul Miller
  45. Scentsy Package: L tjoelker
  46. Week of Pine Cove Camp: Strickland
  47. Ziya Activewear: A Barron
  48. Year of Student Events: M Pace
  49. Jubilee Peg Nativity: T Dotson
  50. Mystery Box: Legg
  51. 5lb Gummy Worm: G Davis
  52. Giant Dragon Kite: K Bateman
  53. Russian Snowman: B Hart
  54. S’Mores with the Leggs: Bryn S
  55. Cross Fit Tyler: R Rains
  56. Cross Fit Tyler: J sturrock
  57. Silver Cross Necklace(Black Cord): Jill K
  58. Oil Change & Tire Rotation: Islam
  59. Health & Wellness bundle: H Brown
  60. Custom Canvas by Maddie: L Bearden
  61. Eilat Stone Necklace: Islam
  62. Mustard Seed Necklace: B Starnes
  63. Truth Necklace: Jill K
  64. It Is Well Necklace: Islam
  65. Artisan Soap Basket: Shannon Jones
  66. Trio Cross Necklace: T Dotson
  67. Roman Glass(Menorah) Necklace: Jill K
  68. Roman Glass(Star) Necklace: A Barron
  69. Silver Cross Necklace(Silver Chain): K Peer
  70. The Action Bible: Jill K
  71. Big Shot BBQ: L Bearden