Grade School

Your child will be invited to participate in some action packed lessons!  Bible Study and our mission programs, RA’s & GA’s, are designed to involve your child’s creativity and energy in ways that communicate truth about our God.

What we are teaching:

Faithweaver is designed with family interaction in mind.  Each week they get to have biblical teaching and interactions with their teachers.  THEN when they leave they are given materials that provide opportunities for families to keep talking throughout the week.  Our hope is you can be talking about what they are learning in the car, at the breakfast table, and well, everywhere.



When you first arrive, please come to a Welcome Center.  We will ask you to fill out a brief Registration Form.  Then a member of our welcome team will help you find your child’s classroom.  Be sure to inform the teachers of any allergies or health concerns.

But most importantly know, we want you and your child to have a safe and meaningful experience.


Some days you just need activities, books, and support to help you reinforce what you are teaching.

Here is a great starting place for you and your kids!

A couple of good books:

  • Praying the Scriptures for Your Children: Discover How to Pray God’s Purpose for Their Lives By: Jodie Berndt
  • Raising Kids For True Greatness By: Tim Kimmel
  • Jesus Storybook Bible (A great read for parents & kids) By: Sally Lloyd Jones

A few good apps:

  • Fighter Verses – $2.99 – An excellent place guiding you through scripture memory using quizzes and music.  You can also add-in verses you want to memorize.  It includes a great section for your kids as well!
  • Parent Cue – $1.99 – A tool that follows the Sunday School material we use for our Birth – Kinder kids.  It gives parents articles, a review of what your child is studying, and encouraging way to reinforce this in different settings.
  • Little Praise Party – A fun musical app that will let your kid learn God’s word and see their parent’s silly dance moves.

Good Music:

  • Slugs and Bugs –

Great music by Randall Goodgame – biblical to silly to scripture verses.  You will be singing along in no time to each fun tune.  (Yes, he was the one who did the amazing concert for us!)

  • Seeds Family Worship –

Catchy songs straight from the scriptures for the whole family.  They have several CD’s out based on different things that come up in life from encouragement to purity.

A fun place to peruse:

  • The Rabbit Room -

An online bookstore, music store, and blog with contributors who are authors, songwriters, artists, parents, and pastors.  It’s a great place to get lost looking at new and old books and music that can bless you and your family.

Look for upcoming events to be announced in church or through the campus connect. If you are interested in serving in Children’s Ministry or have any questions, please contact Rebekah Rains.