Sunday Evening

Life Groups
SUNDAY EVENINGS (5:30-7:30pm)


  • Foundations in Genesis: The Calling of God Chosen People – Grade School Building Room 203
    Led by Gary Ramey (
    An interactive study of the essentials of faith from Genesis 23-50 with connections to the New Testament. A journey of discovery and application. Are you searching, just beginning, or desiring to strengthen your foundation of faith? Do you want to learn how to help others in their walk? Join us.


  • What do you believe? – Grade School Room 205
    Led by Carol Ivey, Staci Barham and Casey McPherson 
    While the Church and the culture seem to be on a collision course, we are called to be salt and light and to engage the culture. In order to do that, we need to understand not only the cultural issues but the biblical answers to them.  Join us on Sunday nights for an interactive class that will do just that! Starting with how technology affects believers to how our belief shapes our everyday lives.


  • Hard Questions about Following Jesus – Great Room, Main Building
    Led by Chris Legg 
    Join our Pastor as he answers YOUR questions about living a life that honors God, dealing with the more difficult issues and helping remove intellectual barriers that keep us from following Jesus. Any good dysfunctional family has questions, and we aren’t going to ignore them. Submit questions early: