Sunday Morning

Life Groups



  • Woman to Woman – Grade School Building, Room 108
    Led by Marian Rainwater ( and Cathy Ramey (
    This life group is designed for women of all ages who want to participate in an interactive, in-depth Bible study.


  • Parents of Teens – Grade School Building, Room 201
    Led by Brad Scott ( and Jeff Roberts
    Join us as we study the same scripture as the youth so you have an opportunity to discuss it as a family over lunch.


  • Verse by Verse: Multigenerational – Grade School Building, Room 202
    Led by Ken Hodge, Daniel David, Don Stork (
    Are you interested in a concentrated verse by verse study of Scripture with a dose of history, archaeology, and theology?  Our class is made up people of all ages and life-stages with a common desire to dig deeper into God’s word.


  • Biblical Principles – Grade School Building, Room 203
    Led by Mark Gold and Chris Boddy (
    Join us as we walk through the Word of God and glean practical applications for life. Energetic teaching with great class discussion. 30s-50s and variety of life stages.


  • New to Tyler?– Grade School Building, Room 204
    Led by Elliott (, Jason Phillips, and Derek Livernois
    New group! Are you new to the area and looking for a group to connect with? We have some great people who are both new to the area AND old to the area that are developing new friendships and growing spiritually together. Variety of ages.



  • College – Student Building (up the hill!)
    Led by Matt and Abby Muñoz ( and Michael Atkinson
    Don’t go through college alone! We want to connect you to Christ and one another so you can hit the campus with a community of friends that love Jesus.


  • Honeymooners – Grade School Building, Room 108
    Led by Nathan & Molly Cash ( and Vicki & Todd Raabe
    Are you looking for relationships with couples in your same life stage? Come join a class for engaged, newlywed, or young married without kids as we study Scripture, apply God’s word to our lives, and enjoy fellowship activities together.


  • New Beginnings – Grade School Building, Room 105
    Led by Eddie & Kim Updike (, Neil & Katelyn Blanchard
    Join us for the next step in your family’s life with a new baby or toddler.  Let us walk alongside you and create community together!


  • Journey– Grade School Building, Room 201
    Led by Mike & Paula Arrington ( and Bob & Lisa Guillo
    Walking with God means to be in harmony with Him as we “Journey” through life. To be in harmony with God requires that we listen to His Word, put our faith in Him, and work to follow His path for us.


  • Young Family Connections – Grade School Building, Room 202
    Led by Ryan Denison (
    Are you interested in doing Bible study with a group who shares the same life stage of being parents with young children?We invite you to join us as we dig into God’s word, study scripture together, and apply it to our lives.


  • Primetimers – Grade School Building, Room 203
    Led by David Lake (, Dennis Singletary, and Lyle Skeels, and
    Charlotte Latham
    We gladly invite you to study God’s Word with us as we strive to learn together how better to live, teach and tell the gospel. Senior adults and empty nesters.


  • Legacy Builders – Grade School Building, Room 204
    Led by Sandy Anderson, Lance Vincent, and Gina Hasley (
    This is a topical Bible study for adults in the middle of the life cycle. We are not so young and yet no so old! This is primarily a class for ages 40 to 60 years old. Come join us as we examine the Word each week and apply His Message to our lives. If you visit, we will not ask you to pray or read Scripture or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable.