“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.” – 1 Peter 2:2


  • Begin by briefly telling each child one special thing about when he/she was a baby.
  • ASK: Why are babies so special? Why do they need to be taken care of? What would happen if babies never grew up?
  • SHARE: There was a man in the Bible named Nicodemus who was talking to Jesus one night. Jesus told him he had to be born again to see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus was confused. He thought he had to become a baby again (Jn 3:1-6). What do you think Jesus meant?



Explain the following points to your family in your own words:

  • When God saves us by His gift of grace, He gives us a new heart (see Ezekiel 36:26-27).
  • Even though we aren’t saved by doing good works, we certainly will do good works if we are truly 
born again. But you can’t be a good person just because you decide to.
  • So here’s even more good news: we aren’t alone in trying to live God’s way. The Holy Spirit lives in 
our hearts and works to change us from the inside out, helping us want to surrender to God’s plans 
and giving us the power to obey.
  • One of the main ways the Holy Spirit teaches us is through the Bible, which is our spiritual food as 
  • Now read 1 Peter 2:2 aloud together and ask: What do you think is “pure spiritual milk”?



  • Last week we saw that God’s Word is like treasure and honey, and today we read that it’s like milk. What are some other things we can compare the Bible to?
  • What would you say is your spiritual age? (A newborn? Toddler? Teenager?)
  • What other things help us as Christians to grow spiritually?
  • When do Christians stop growing?
  • For older children: What has influenced your spiritual growth the most over the years?
  • Close in prayer (either close yourself, call on a child to pray, or have each person pray).



  • Memorize today’s verse together, 1 Peter 2:2.
  • Talk with each child about an individual growth plan (i.e., when they’ll read their Bible, what they’ll read, etc.).
  • Go through a reading plan together as a family. Set a time each day/evening when you will read from God’s Word.