“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” – Psalm 19:1


  • ASK the family: How do we know God is real?
  • Illustration: Blow up a balloon, and ask what it’s filled with (“Air”), then let the air out, and ask if anyone saw anything.
  • ASK: Even though you can’t see it, do you believe in air? What about gravity? Magnetic forces? Even though you can’t see these things, why do you still believe in them?
  • ASK: How is that like believing in God?

– Feel free to share some of these ways we can know that God is real: Creation (Rm 1:20); the Bible (2 Pet 1:21); Jesus Christ (Heb 1:1-3); Our Hearts/Conscience (Rm 2:14,15); Answered Prayers (Ps 40:1)


  • READ Psalm 19:1-6 aloud together.
  • ASK the family: What do you think the heavens tell us about God? (It shows us God’s vast, huge, awesome reach and reminds us how we are just a speck in comparison)
  • ASK: How is God’s power shown through creation? (things man can’t control, like the weather, earthquakes or tornadoes; things far too complex in nature to explain by chance; amazingly huge things in the world – like mountains, the universe, like stars)
  • ASK: How does creation around us let us know God is God? (God has a purpose and order for His creation; God gave animals instincts that help them survive; God made the earth to rotate and be the exact distance from the sun so that there are seasons; the earth has just the right amount of oxygen and water for us.)
  • READ (or assign a child to read) Isaiah 45:18 aloud, and then ask, What does this verse teach us about God’s purpose in creating the earth?


  • What words would you use to describe God? (all-knowing, powerful, loving, big, etc.)
  • What is something that has God done for you? For our family?
  • What difference does it make whether God is really all-loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful?
  • Close in prayer (you can either close yourself, call on a child to pray, or have each person share a prayer, praising God for one of His qualities).


  • Memorize a verse together that was covered today (like Psalm 19:1).
  • Sing “How Great Thou Art” or “How Great Is Our God” together.
  • Reinforce the beauty of God’s creation by… going on a nature hike; looking for constellations or at the stars through a telescope; looking at the details in a leaf.
  • Listen to songs by Seeds Family Worship on Spotify (esp. the album “The Character of God”) – these songs are literally just Scripture put to music.
  • Go to YouTube together and watch “Rizers” videos (also Scripture put to music)