Worldly Theories of Truth // Show Notes 

5 Worldly Theories of Truth

  • (2:20) Correspondence Theory of Truth- truth is the experience of what corresponds to reality. 
  • (3:47) Coherentism Theory of Truth – something is true if it is rational, does it make sense given the nature of reality.
    • Belief is true if it coheres to the overarching systems of belief.

  • (16:21) Pragmatism Theory of Truth – something that works, if it works then it is true.
    • True beliefs are accepted at the end of an inquiry.
    • Falls closely with empirical evidence
  • (23:15) Deflationary Theory of Truth – the word truth doesn’t mean anything. Truth is a non-sensical concept.
    1. The problem with deflationary theory is, if the word truth doesn’t matter, then why do we care so much about it? – Raymond Tallis
  • (28:08) Nihilism Theory of Truth – nothing is true.
    • We only know things through our brains.
    • Truth is entirely an invention of the human brain
    • Relativism is part of that – truth is out there, but we can’t ever really know what it is because everyone is different and interprets things different.


Other notable episode timestamps: 

  • (9:22) Discussion of Belief vs. Truth 
  • (18:19) Danger of Rebuilding Faith with a Pragmatic Theory 
  • (19:03) Discussion of Community Capital
  • (37:53) Why are these Theories relevant to us?