Sermon-Based Curriculum

Every week our lead pastor spends hours researching and crafting the message God is leading him to deliver on Sunday. He delivers that message, but there is always content or questions he wanted to get to but didn’t have the time. We want to take advantage of the work he did and dig in deeper, engage it and apply it to life in our groups!

The pastor has provided his notes and scripture passages he used for research as well as any questions he wants us to consider. In addition, we have an elite squad of church leaders and regular humans in the audience each week sending in 2 questions each that would be helpful in our study. We hope to have this blog posted each Sunday before 5pm so that any Sunday night groups can use it if needed.

A one-page curriculum should be available online at our South Spring blog.

Suggested outline of your group meeting:

FIRST 15min

  • Try to meet any new people and make them feel welcome. Introduce and include them with your friends.


  • Ask a everyone to share a brief answer to a ONE friendship question:
    • What is your favorite ice cream?
    • Who would you go back in time to have lunch with?
    • What poster is on your wall as a 17 year old?
    • When you have 4 hours and no one will interrupt you, what are you doing?


  • Have a volunteer read the main passage from Sunday.
  • Assign the extra verses to each person, give them a minute to read them silently. The goal of this, is that they can bring them up later during the questions.


  • As a group (not one person) try to recall the main points of the sermon.


  • Read through the questions and step through them as the Lord leads. Keep in mind, you can go through SOME or ALL of the questions.
  • Keep an eye on your group dynamics. Try to end the study with everyone wanting more, not droning on with us wishing this was over. Better to leave on a cliffhanger than to force-feed your group truth.


  • Ask for prayer requests, but encourage you group to ask for prayer needs that directly affects the people in the circle so you can pray for them.

LAST 15min

  • Reconnect with new people, invite them to lunch, or offer to meet them at church for worship. Don’t let them leave without getting contact info. Text them this week that you were glad they came.

This is a possible format. Please adjust to your group and their needs!