Sermon Curriculum

Sermon Curriculums

1 Samuel – Week 5

1 Samuel 1:21-28 What stood out to you this week? Chris opened his message with an appeal to “lay things on the altar.  The Hebrew word for altar translates as “a place for slaughter”.  However, an altar is also a place where sacrifice is offered, even if it does not...

1 Samuel – Week 4

What a great time today! Please use all or some of these questions with a small group to deepen your engagement with the Sunday sermon, we hope it is helpful. Connecting Questions What has brought you to worship the Lord in the last few days? What is a challenge you...

1 Samuel – Week 3

Connecting Questions What has brought you joy in the last few days? What is a challenge you are facing? (Remember, we are not offering to fix each other’s problems unless support is asked for.) Recall the ways we are called to engage scripture: The humble hear from...

1 Samuel 1 – Week 2

Great Sunday this week! Read through these questions before going through them with the group, and don’t feel pressured to do them all. Be aware of the room, we want to leave everyone wanting MORE, not looking at their watches annoyed we went over time. Connecting...

1 Samuel Introduction

1 Samuel Introduction

1 SAMUEL -- Week 1 Welcome to the first sermon-based curriculum for 1 Samuel. Thanks to all who sent in questions, and observations, this is a group effort. Make sure and look at the suggested outline for a Sermon-based small...

Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon-Based Curriculum Every week our lead pastor spends hours researching and crafting the message God is leading him to deliver on Sunday. He delivers that message, but there is always content or questions he wanted to get to but didn’t have the time. We want to...

This is a Place-holder

This is a Place-holder

  This is where we will be putting our Sermon-Based Curriculum. This is for life groups who will want to go deeper into the pastor's notes from Sunday morning.